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What is the bilingual health centre?

The bilingual health centre is a primary health care centre that opens in January 2022. The centre will support Yukoners’ health and wellness in both French and English. It will provide frontline access for preventative and primary health and wellness services. Things includes treatment and diagnosis. It coordinates people’s health care services to ensure continuity of care and ease of movement across the health care system. This centre will serve Yukoners of all ages.

The Bilingual Health Centre will use a model of collaborative care. Primary health care practitioners will work together with other professionals. Each practitioner will work to their full scope so patients receive the right care by the right provider at the right time.

The primary care services will include:

  • patient care;
  • referrals to other providers and specialists;
  • diagnosing, ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests,
  • prescribing and/or administering pharmaceuticals;
  • prescribing and/or performing specific procedures;
  • virtual visits;
  • routine check-ups;
  • chronic disease management;
  • health education and promotion; and
  • social work and rapid access mental health counselling.

The purpose of this centre is to improve access to health care. It will be easier for French-speakers to access care services in their own language.

The population of Whitehorse and surrounding on date of March 31, 2021 was 33,781. This included 1,125 French-speakers and 3,695 bilingual individuals.

The centre will open with:

  • nurse practitioners;
  • registered nurses;
  • physicians;
  • medical office assistants;
  • mental health social workers; and
  • a clinic manager.

The centre will change over time to meet community needs.

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Yukoners do not wait around for the joy of life to arrive...
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